How to Choose Bathroom Floor Tiles

When it comes to tiling your bathroom floor, several factors should be kept in mind. First and foremost is finding something water-proof.

Ceramic and porcelain tile come in an assortment of colors, patterns and textures, yet remain extremely durable to withstand heavy foot traffic. Furthermore, they’re affordable and easy to maintain – all qualities which make ceramic and porcelain tiles great choices.


Ceramic tile is an ideal choice for bathrooms due to its durability and aesthetic appeal. Crafted from clay-based kiln-fired material, it is easy to keep clean while resisting water, stains and wear. Available glazed or unglazed in various colors patterns textures shapes sizes it provides endless customization possibilities while being an economical alternative mimicking natural stone’s look.

Ceramic tile flooring is ideal for hypoallergenic households due to its non-porous nature. Ceramic won’t absorb mold, bacteria, or odors which makes it great for showers and tubs. Ceramic is also comfortable underfoot while being highly durable – although not suitable for areas that become wet or icy quickly.

Most ceramic tiles come with a glossy glaze, but some people prefer the earthier appearance of unglazed ceramic tiles. While unglazed tiles may be less slippery when wet, they require more frequent maintenance than their more secure glazed counterparts.


Marble is an exquisite natural stone with timeless beauty that can add luxurious touches to your bathroom. However, its use requires routine sealing in order to stay looking new while porcelain tiles don’t necessitate such upkeep.

Marble tiles may react negatively with acidic substances, leading to permanent discoloration on their surfaces. To safeguard against this from happening, it’s a good idea to apply penetrating sealer annually on them and reapply it periodically.

Marble is an attractive natural stone that doesn’t match ceramic tiles in terms of consistency of color and appearance, which can cause issues in showers, where soap scum and minerals may accumulate over time. Driven by Decor suggests installing sloped floors and walls in order to drain excess water off efficiently and reduce puddles sitting on marble surfaces that lead to water spots on its surface.

Natural stone

Stone floor tile adds an exquisite look and feel to bathrooms, thanks to its varied hues and distinctive patterns that set it apart from synthetic materials found around the home. Slate, marbles, limestones, travertines, and granites are popular natural stone choices used in flooring applications.

Softer stones like granite can absorb liquids and stain easily, which makes sealing them after installation vital to maintaining their appearance and protecting their integrity. Non-acidic grout is also recommended to prevent damage and ensure strong bonds.

Similar to porcelain, natural stone is highly resilient and moisture resistant, providing long-term value and easy care with periodic resealing. Regular dust mopping with non-treated dry dust mops keeps dirt and grit from scratching the tiles; while regular washing with neutral cleaners (preferably without soap) minimizes streaks. As an extra measure, sealers for natural stone should be applied annually for maximum protection.

Large format

Large format tiles have become an increasingly popular choice for residential floor and wall coverings, as they reduce maintenance time while creating an eye-catching space with less grout lines and making the room seem larger than it actually is.

Porcelain tile is extremely hardwearing and resistant to damage from wear-and-tear, making large format tiles suitable for areas prone to water splashes like kitchens or bathrooms.

Selecting the proper mortar is also vital when installing large format tile. Large-format tiles require a medium-bed mortar that can resist shrinkage and ensure a strong bond with their substrates, as they can be quite heavy. Finally, to ensure smooth installation without compromising final product quality a professional experienced in working with this material should be hired for its installation. Ultimately

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