Crafts and DIY Are on the Rise

Crafting and DIY are increasingly popular trends. From resin and polymer clay jewelry creations to paper flower creations, crafts are an engaging creative outlet that can easily turn into a side gig.

Create an elegant backdrop for photography or add a special touch to a bridal or baby shower celebration with this easy paper wisteria project from Catching ColorFlies – also perfect as a great present idea! This DIY also makes an excellent holiday present!

Good Housekeeping

As its name implies, Good Housekeeping magazine is dedicated to homemaking women. First published on May 2, 1885 in Holyoke, MA with an aim of “produc[ing and perpetuating] perfection as near unto perfection as may be attained in the household”, Good Housekeeping has long been at the forefront of consumer product testing with their Institute and Seal.

Good Housekeeping has long embraced its mission with humor and kindness, beginning with its early stories of watered-down milk and candy laced with asbestos that led to passage of the 1906 Pure Food and Drug Act and progressing through clothing safety standards to toy safety regulations.

Today, this magazine boasts more than 17 million readers between its print and digital editions and 12 million website visitors. Editors welcome pitches early as their team begins planning for Christmas editions in late Spring/early Summer.

Craftsy Hacks

No matter the scale or scope, there is something creative out there to inspire any project you might desire on the internet. From Crafty Hacks (Amanda Joyce is currently taking an indefinite hiatus until 2022) to Pinterest you will find plenty of creativity inspiration online.

Craftsy offers over 1,500 classes in 20 hobbies. Free classes are offered through this learning platform; upgrades provide permanent access.

Craftsy offers everything from paper lanterns and clay bowls to plant pots and pumpkins – even those looking for Halloween and Thanksgiving-related crafts! Additionally, there are classes dedicated to more complex crafting activities, like jewelry making or macrame. In addition, specialist platforms such as Skillshare or Udemy offer similar classes but at a more expensive rate.


If your Pinterest boards resemble an unruly wardrobe with clothes from various decades and styles–old, new, out of date–then a cleanup is in order to refresh and organize them. When doing a clean up session, check that all titles and covers of boards are relevant, while updating descriptions for every board; as this is how Pinterest determines who to send to it.

Happiness Is Homemade

Crafting is more than a trendy slogan; studies have proven its scientific validity. Crafting relaxes the human body, relieving tension in our parasympathetic nervous system (the part responsible for shutting off our “fight or flight” response) and elevating mood. Perhaps it’s because creating something yourself demands your full attention and makes you proud to show it off; unlike watching fish swim through a tank or reading about other people’s creations on television or reading bestsellers, creating handmade masterpieces requires your full focus and pride of self-creation is truly rewarding – telling your unique narrative while showing your dad your appreciation!

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