Top Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom renovations involve many moving parts. But with careful planning and execution, the experience should be smooth, efficient and cost-effective for both you and your contractor.

Symmetry is a timeless design feature that adds visual harmony to any bathroom space. Create an calming atmosphere by mirroring everything from cabinetry, vanities and decor pieces for maximum effect.


Under-ventilated bathrooms can become major headaches when renovating. A high indoor humidity promotes mold and mildew growth that damages wooden structures and wallpaper as well as causes moisture-induced issues like rust or corrosion on some fixtures. Inadequate ventilation should always be prioritized when renovating bathrooms to avoid future complications that arise as a result.

Ventilation fans help reduce humidity by forcing warm, moist air outward. Furthermore, they help remove any unpleasant odors present within a space – so much so that many states require vent fans for health and safety purposes in bathrooms.

At first, it may not seem important, but when planning your remodel you must carefully consider where you want the ventilation fan installed. Ideally it should be mounted on an exterior wall where it can effectively vent out humid, warm air; otherwise consider widening existing windows or adding more. Windows that don’t interfere with privacy are also beneficial, leaving some slits open may help increase airflow through.


Lighting in a bathroom is integral to its functionality and should be done properly for best results. Professional electricians should handle all upgrades to fixtures, switches and bulbs so the work meets current code standards while functioning effectively.

Lighting should begin with overhead fixtures that provide ambient illumination throughout the day and night, such as recessed or similar fixtures in the ceiling. Next, add vanity lights on both sides of the mirror to eliminate shadows while making sure they provide enough brightness for everyday tasks.

Accent lighting can elevate a room and bring out decor or architectural features, from wall sconces to bath bars or spotlights, accenting artwork or decor in unexpected corners or alcoves. Wall sconces are great ways to bring this effect to the fore in a room.


Bathrooms are high-traffic spaces that can quickly become disorganized. Implementing creative storage solutions during renovation is the key to keeping this area looking polished and organized.

Consider hiding toiletries in storage baskets, hanging hooks for robes and towels on the wall, and installing drawer organizers to keep things tidy in your bathroom. By organizing products by category – such as cleaning supplies, makeup or hair products – accessibility will increase and the room will look more organized.

Install a niche in your tub to store bath products and essentials, like books or magazines. Also don’t forget a linen closet or shelving unit to store towels, tissue paper and extra toilet paper if a full closet isn’t feasible – freestanding shelves may provide ample storage space.


Design of your bathroom remodel should be of utmost importance, reflecting both your personal taste and that of the house if selling later on.

One effective way to create the illusion of a larger bathroom space is through using lighter colors, which will brighten up and open up the space.

Storage solutions for bathrooms are essential, and creative storage strategies can really help maximize space savings. If your storage options are limited, try attaching hooks to doors or walls unused sections; this is an effective way to add extra surface area while hanging towels or bathrobes.

Hiring a professional designer for your bathroom remodeling project is essential to making sure all of your ideas and wishes are incorporated into the final design, while also helping prevent miscommunication between yourself and your contractor.

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