The Benefits of Adding Plants to Your Home Decor

Plants add many advantages to any home decor, from purifying air quality and noise levels, increasing productivity and improving mood, as well as helping reduce energy usage.

Before getting started, it is essential to identify which plants will best complement your space and maintenance requirements. Some require low upkeep while others may require more.

They Purify the Air

Plants are natural air purifiers, helping remove harmful toxins from your home’s air. This is especially important if you spend most of your time indoors where pollution levels may be higher than outside.

Houseplants help clean the air around them through photosynthesis. But houseplants also absorb Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) released from household products, cleaning supplies and clothing that emit VOCs into their environment.

Boston Fern and aloe vera plants are particularly effective at filtering VOCs from the air, filtering out formaldehyde and benzene found in many detergents and dyes. Other plants known to remove VOCs from the atmosphere are bamboo palm and areca palm.

They Reduce Noise

Plants can help reduce noise in your space. Like carpet, houseplants absorb soundwaves to stop them reverberating through your room.

Plant parts like stems, leaves, branches and bark are particularly effective at absorbing sound because of their dynamic surface areas. Rough bark and thick fleshy leaves are particularly effective at doing this job as are large plants with lots of foliage.

If you want to create an effective sound barrier that absorbs sounds without being an eyesore in your space, selecting suitable plants for this task is paramount. These could include trees, shrubs, bushes or even ground cover plantings.

They Boost Mood

Plants add vibrancy and beauty to any room while simultaneously helping reduce stress and anxiety, engaging your senses, and renewing our connection to nature – providing numerous health benefits in turn.

Plants are photosynthesizing organisms, producing oxygen and sugars essential to life from water and carbon dioxide. Their rigid cell walls and chloroplasts convert sunlight to food; and starch storage capabilities enable them to store nutrients as energy reserves for future growth.

Seeds, the building blocks of new life, can be spread around by birds. Either they fall to the ground directly or are carried along on the wind currents.

Plants can serve as an effective form of therapy, helping reduce seasonal depression symptoms when added to your home environment. Studies have demonstrated that simply being near a plant for 15 minutes can bring great comfort and happiness – creating an atmosphere in which people are relaxed and happier.

They Are Affordable

Planting some new life into your home decor doesn’t need to be costly. Many stores offer affordable plant options so that you can find one that matches both your style and budget.

Walmart is an ideal place for finding cheap houseplants, home accessories and furnishings at discounted prices – such as textiles, throw pillows and area rugs.

Amazon also offers an affordable and easy to care for selection of plant options that are both accessible and budget-friendly, featuring various shapes and sizes with free Prime shipping for most orders.