How to Choose the Right Toilet for Your Bathroom Renovation

When selecting the ideal toilet for your bathroom renovation project, there are a few essential points you need to remember when making your selection: size, style, water efficiency and maintenance requirements.

Select a toilet that is easy for you to use, complements the design of your bathroom, and is simple to maintain and clean. Additionally, the installation should be quick.


As with other bathroom fixtures, toilets come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Selecting the appropriate toilet can be daunting task, but with careful planning and knowledge you can find an ideal toilet that will last you for many years.

Prior to renovating or building a new bathroom, it’s essential that you measure the area in which the toilet will reside before making decisions about its placement. Doing this will allow you to ensure that it satisfies all necessary minimum requirements while leaving enough space for other elements within the room to function optimally.

The International Residential Code stipulates a minimum bathroom size of 30 by 60 inches or 152 centimeters, but to maximize space it’s wiser to aim for at least 36 by 36 inches 91 centimeters). This should give enough room for all of your toilet needs without feeling cramped.


The toilet is one of the most essential fixtures in any bathroom. You will likely spend significant amounts of time there every day, so choose carefully to meet both your needs and personal taste.

There are numerous styles to select from, such as traditional and modern designs, as well as an extensive variety of finishes.

Selecting the ideal toilet for your bathroom renovation can be challenging, so it is essential that you carefully consider which style and how much space your new toilet will occupy in your new space.

Choose a back to wall toilet style that complements the look and style of your bathroom to achieve optimal results. From back-to-wall, high level and wall hung toilet options available today – finding one is sure to give your space the look it needs for success!

Water Efficiency

If you are renovating your bathroom, selecting an appropriate toilet is essential to its success. When making this selection, choose one that not only meets functional requirements but also suits the aesthetic you seek to achieve.

Wall-hung toilets offer several advantages over regular models in terms of space consumption and maintenance costs; these models may be ideal for bathrooms that have limited floor area or are under renovation.

Choose a dual-flush toilet as another water-saving measure; these models use up to one quarter of the amount used by standard toilets each time they flush.

Choose a high-efficiency toilet that has earned the EPA’s WaterSense label, requiring it to use 1.28 gallons or less per flush. Over time, this could result in significant savings – and some water utilities even offer rebates to offset the cost of purchasing such an efficient unit.


Toilets are an integral component of every bathroom, serving both as a source of clean water and making your home more comfortable.

However, they need to be maintained and repaired regularly; small issues like leaks or clogs can quickly add up into a large repair bill.

There are some simple steps you can take to prevent these issues in the first place.

Step one is ensuring your toilet is thoroughly clean. Both its exterior and base should be free from debris such as tissue boxes or photos that could prevent its proper operation.

Cleaning the toilet regularly is crucial to avoiding clogs and foul odors in its bowl and tank. Make sure you scrub and flush regularly to remove buildup of deposits in both spaces.

Apart from your bowl, it is also important to regularly inspect the tank and rim for signs of mineral stains or rust. Use white vinegar, baking soda and white vinegar combined, or some combination thereof in order to clean these areas effectively.